3 Questions to Ask Before Designing a Website


What is your overall goal and vision for the website?


  • Will it be strictly informational based to educate consumers
  • Are you selling products and require e-commerce support
  • Are you trying to generate ad clickthrough revenue
  • Do you want a "call to action" that generates interest via signups or an email campaign

Who is your target audience? 


What groups or individuals are you trying to reach- this may be broad with multiple targets or it may be more limited.  Identifying them will assist with your overall feel, design, and content.

  • Consider your audience age
  • Are you focusing on males, females, or both
  • A specific ethnicity or social group

What is your preferred design aesthetic?



  • Do you want a modern and minimalist feel or more traditional
  • Bright and bold colors or more subdued
  • Multiple pages or a long scrolling single page
  • Find examples of other sites you like and provide those to your designer
  • Take into account your target audience and design accordingly

Taking these questions into account will ensure your website has a clear purpose and starts out on the right track.  Sharing them with your designer will help tremendously!