5 Must Have Instagram Tools Every Influencer Should Be Utilizing


While sharing photos on Instagram is becoming an everyday routine, individuals and marketers still struggle to keep a generous number of engaged followers on Instagram. Sure, social media algorithms change, but many are clueless about how to obtain success on Instagram in only a short amount of time.

As with any social media, you will need to understand how the platform works and get a sense of what content is trending. You may have killer content, but if Instagram fans are not into it, you will have a hard time gaining traction.

Hashtags are very important in navigating Instagram. Use an online hashtag generator to gather some popular ideas if you do not know where to start. You will also want to make sure your content is relevant to your brand values and has an aesthetically pleasing flow. And perhaps most importantly, post often. Brands with frequent new content engage their followers and entice them to keep following and keep purchasing.

Dominating Instagram can be time consuming. Check out these five platforms that will help you improve your content, schedule it and even automate the process of finding new genuine followers. It’s also important to note that we’re big believers in only promoting tools which we utilize for own business and have found success with. The following article contains affiliate links where we may receive a commission if you signup- read on further to find out why we’re using them.




Later (formerly Latergramme) makes it easy to visually plan and schedule your photo and video content on Instagram. Easily aggregate your media, plan, grow an audience and share your best photos and videos via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Later recently added auto publishing to Instagram without push notifications, allowing you to go about your day without getting sidetracked consistently posting on Instagram.


Later is free for individuals with a single social media profile for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. The free plan includes minimal features such as scheduling photos and search and repost. Adding more features will run you $9 a month to the top plan of $49 a month for brand agencies.




If Instagram is your favorite and most popular platform, you should seriously consider signing up with Kicksta. Kicksta helps brands and influencers gain genuine followers to help increase overall reach and ROI.

And Kicksta does not just say they will increase your following, they put in the work. Kicksta likes 30,000 photos a month for you from target accounts that you can specify. They will also send you a growth report each month and provide a direct line to a top-notch customer service team if you ever have any questions or want to improve your Kicksta results.

Kicksta has a proprietary set of filters that positively engages real users. Users that will continue to follow you over the long haul and are more likely to buy what you are selling. You can rest assured that Kicksta uses the best Internet practices, that means no sketchy follow/unfollow or spam comment tactics.

It only takes Kicksta 24 hours to get your account up and running. After the initial setup, just sit back and relax. Kicksta will start liking relevant posts and driving organic traffic to your account.

Want to try Kicksta for free? Kicksta offers a 14-day money-back guarantee on monthly plans (no questions asked!).


Starts at $49 per month for creatives who are ready to focus growth on Instagram. Pro plan is $99 per month and boasts maximum growth through a dedicated account manager. The pro plan also offers enhanced targeting, premium support and blacklist capabilities.



Snapseed is a photo-editing app that was acquired by Google. Its powerful, a breeze to add to your smartphone or tablet, and its free.

Use Snapseed to apply artistic touches to your photos. There are enough features to keep a professional photographer engaged including high dynamic range (HDR) filters and specialized plug-ins. The platform is also easy enough for a novice to create an enhanced photo, perfect for sharing on social media. To improve your aesthetics and acquire genuine followers, use Snapseed to capture a consistent look for your photos. This is especially helpful when planning your Instagram feed or improving a brand’s credibility on social media.

While Snapseed is not a replacement for Photoshop, it will greatly improve your smartphone photos without requiring a separate device.


Snapseed can be downloaded from Google Play or iTunes Store for free. Currently there are no hidden purchase options or subscription fees.



Linktree allows you to create a fast loading landing page from your Instagram profile link. Instead of linking to one webpage, you can send visitors to a page full of links to all of your best content.

With your Linktree page, you can edit it on a consistent basis to keep your content fresh and up to date. Just paste in your new links and drag and drop to reorder.

Send visitors to your new YouTube video, a sales landing page, your online store, to sign up for an event and more.

The free version includes unlimited links, simple analytics and a selection of responsive themes. Upgrade to pro to enjoy priority support, advanced analytics, Facebook integration, custom design options and more.


Free for basic features (great for beginners) and $6 a month to go pro (competitive pricing considering the pro plan captures visitors email addresses, removes Linktree branding and customizes your landing page).

We have a secret though. Linktree is a decent starting option, but if you want to take your Instagram conversions to the next level you should really be utilizing a custom landing page hosted on your own site. You can view our page as an example which allows for much more customization, maintains your branding, better analytics, and helps improve your SEO. Interested in your own custom landing page. Reach out to us here.



Unfold is an all-in-one app for Instagram Stories. Use the well-designed Unfold templates to create stories integrating your photos, boomerangs or videos. Then share them with multiple social media platforms.

The app contains twenty-five free templates plus sixty premium templates to support your photo and video media. You will also have access to five fonts and text tools.

Create collages and export your stories in high resolution for easy sharing.


Free to download. Features in-app purchases for premium collections.

Instagram can skyrocket your brand and help solidify its authenticity if you do it right.

Use the above platforms to test and grow your Instagram account. While success most likely won't happen overnight, using these affordable Instagram tools can drastically cut down the time you spend trying to figure out a successful marketing plan on your own.