Decrease Form Fields to Increase Conversions


Have you ever begun to reach out to a business through a contact form and quickly realized they want full disclosure background information from you? It can be a complete turn-off and cause you to stop filling it out entirely. A lost lead or conversion.


Avoid this...


The form below is so large and obnoxious that I had to place it inside a lightbox button.  I won't argue that this information isn't useful, but it certainly isn't useful when trying to achieve the first contact with a potential customer.

The oh so common, "How did you hear about us" can wait until later

Embrace this...


A simple form is a quick and easy way for your customers to INITIALLY reach out to you. Once the barrier has been broken, you can then dive deeper. Forms can be adjusted to fit your specific needs, but I would encourage you to stay around 3-4 fields. User experience studies have shown that as you increase to 5+ fields, your rate of conversions begin to drop dramatically.