Font Pairings for your next Squarespace Design


A great design and website layout can be completely hindered by non-cohesive font pairings. Using fonts that compliment eachother provides extra refinement and professionalism to your project. If you're using Squarespace like we are, all of these fonts come pre-loaded for easy implementation. We won't be diving into the complete psychological impact fonts have on brands, but instead get straight down to some recommended pairings and a couple examples of possible industries.


Our first example is using the heading of "Proxima Nova" (bold) with body text "Lato." This pairing works great for a modern photography website or hip restaurant website.


Our next pairing is a heading of "LTC Bodoni 175" and a body of "Adobe Garamond Pro." This pairing is excellent for a high end fashion blog, editorial website, or chic wedding website.


Another great font pairing is "Raleway" combined with "Abel." These fonts work great for industries such as minimalist interior design, a travel blog, or architecture portfolio.


You can also try "Arno Pro" with "Freight Sans Pro." Possible recommendations include an investment website and law firm website.


We hope these provide a suitable choice for one of your next designs or as inspiration to find another great font pairing.