Great News for Freelancers: Upwork Launches Multi-Million Dollar Ad Campaign

One of the great aspects of freelancing platforms like Upwork is they inadvertently handle advertising for you. Once you have established yourself and gained a reputation on the platform, any additional marketing they choose to do is bringing in a plethora of potential clients. Over 57 million workers (or 36% of the workforce) are now doing some form of freelancing and large corporations are taking notice and utilizing them. Upwork parterned with renowned ad agency, Duncan Channon, to bring a unique campaign called:




"Hey World"



Upwork is reaching out and offering help to world leaders, business icons, and celebrities to include Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, NASA, Amazon, and more. Qualified and talented freelancers are ready to help and people in New York, Chicago and San Francisco will see the ads from January 16 through March 25.