Here's Why Every Travel Blogger Should Checkout Squarespace


Your articles are engaging and you're taking solid shots with your DSLR, but is your website taking advantage to portray them in a professional and effective manner? If there's one thing that will capture your reader's attention and provide legitimacy to your content it's a modern website. Squarespace is a great platform to achieve this on.

  • Creates a positive first impression before the first article is read
  • Uses effective call to actions to direct visitors to what you want them to see
  • Brand sponsorships are easier to obtain because of your professional image

The design below feels old and tired- hello 10 years ago

The content may be great, but a design like this could be losing out on capturing new reader's attention. Many have to ask themselves if they're simply fulfilling a hobby or if they want to become a full-time professional travel blogger.


A modern design that captures attention and conveys professionalism

Promote your latest articles effectively, take advantage of full screen high-resolution images, and provide legitimacy for your travel blog.


What else can Squarespace do?

On top of beautiful design capabilities you get an array of powerful tools built directly into the platform. 

  • Analytics - Track what articles your visitors are reading the most, your top referrals (google, direct, other blogs, etc), popular times / days of the week, and more.
  • E-Commerce - Ready to expand and sell your brand or products? Squarespace offers user friendly tools in order to start generating additional revenue. Track inventory, run promotions, accept all major credit cards, and display your products with ease.
  • Mailing Lists - Grow your following and connect with them easily through mailchimp integrations.
  • Social Media - Display your social media feeds and encourage your visitors to follow your travels on those as well.

We aren't being paid by Squarespace to promote their platform, we have just found it to be one of the best out there especially for travel bloggers. Check it out if you haven't!