Home Office Buying Guide: Must-Have Items for Everyday Use


As a small business owner who often works from home it’s essential to find items that make your work life more efficient, professional, and fun. We’ve tried a number of different products, but these are our current favorites and what we’re utilizing on a daily basis. What are some of your home office must-haves? Share in the comments below!

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Western Digital 4 Terabyte External Hard Drive

Don’t leave all of your design files and years of work on a single point of failure (ie: only your desktop / laptop). It’s an important habit to regularly backup your work and save files to an external hard drive. Yes, you can also utilize cloud storage, but there’s definitely more room for compromise and hacking in those regards. We love the Western Digital 4TB Elements Portable Hard Drive. That’s right… 4 terabytes (4000 gigabytes) of storage will keep you going for a long time. With USB 3.0 technology uploading even the largest files is super fast.


HP 27” Quad High Definition Widescreen Monitor

Not only do we love designing modern and minimalist websites, but those design aspects influence our product choices as well. We love the sleek and refined angles of our HP 27 Quad High Definition Monitors. Beautiful and vibrant colors, 2560 x 1440 resolution, ultra sharp display, and anti-glare. This monitor truly allows you to see how our sites will display on the largest screens and makes designing a breeze.


Blue Yeti Professional Microphone

Whether you’re regularly making calls from your computer or hosting a podcast, the Blue Yeti Nano Microphone provides premium audio quality that will exude professionalism and clear communications. We’re consistently receiving comments on our voice clarity and the setup is simple with a USB connection.


Himalayan Salt Lamp

Let’s be honest, work can get a little stressful at times and the calming light (especially at night) from our Himalayan salt lamp is the perfect desk lamp. Electronics are also known to disperse loads of positive ions and the salt lamp provides a small counter with negative ions.


SentrySafe: Fireproof and Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad

There are so many safes on the market that are simply steel boxes that don’t offer a whole lot of protection. This SentrySafe is both fireproof and waterproof and will protect your most important documents. Ensure your tax receipts, yearly filings, cash payments, and more are secure in your home office.


Mountain Planner Pro - Daily / Weekly Gratitude Journal and Calendar

Master time management, achieve greater happiness, and increase your productivity with the Mountain Planner Pro. There are so many thoughtful features that went into this planner and it’s a daily staple for our business! It has a high quality feel, heavy pages, and is intelligently laid out. It provides a full 6 months’ supply of non-dated planning space, a page for every week and day, plus 6 monthly calendar spreads. It also has an emphasis on victories, gratitude, anticipations and reflections. Want to get organized? This will help!