One Easy Step to Increase Traffic to your Squarespace Blog


Want to increase traffic to your Squarespace blog?

One easy solution is to sync it with Apple News which Squarespace recently added functionality for.  If you're not familiar with this news app, it collects stories and topics that interest you and places them all in the same feed.  No more switching between multiple apps. It takes about one week+ in order to gain all the necessary approvals from Apple, but once complete the work is done.  Simply post to your Squarespace blog as normal and your articles are automatically converted to Apple News format and added to your feed.

Squarespace has an official help article for setting it up which can be viewed here:

Ekspohz Apple News Channel

Stylishly display your blog articles and gain more followers


Utilizing a platform such as this is great because it provides the opportunity to reach an audience that may not normally discover your blog. On top of that, we love linking to sources that do all the leg work for you. It's just one more avenue that can drive traffic to your blog. The Ekspohz blog has seen a 90% increase in unique traffic since we've implemented it.