Squarespace Mistakes that are Hurting your Site

You may have jumped into Squarespace enticed by its do-it-yourself capabilities, but there are 3 key mistakes that we continually see when browsing sites or working with clients. These overlooked items can cause significant negative impact to the success of your site. By correcting any of them you can see near immediate improvements to site traffic, user experience, leads, and sales.


1. Incorrect use of H1, H2, & H3 Headings

Many new users treat headings simply as a design element thinking they are simply ways to utilize multiple fonts, colors, or sizes. In reality, headings structure your content so Google and others search engines understand how a page is setup. This is crucial for proper indexing, on-page SEO, and ultimately increasing your site traffic.


Your H1 heading may be a page title, blog post title, or product title. H2 headings compliment and further describe the H1 heading and the same relationship is held with H2 and H3 headings. Utilize them correctly and you're on your way to improving your page structure.


Structure your site in hierarchical order by utilizing H1, H2, & H3 headings properly.


2. Poor Image Quality, Sizing, and Titles

Are your photos and graphics enhancing your brand's image and credibility? Having professional high quality photos often make or break a website and there are 3 key mistakes users often make.


With more users utilizing widescreen monitors, your image may have suitable dimensions for smaller laptops and mobile devices, but are very pixelated on larger screens. When you upload banner images they always display based on their original width. Therefore it is recommended to be utilizing images with at least 2500 pixels in width.


Your high quality imagery may be ideal, but is it an effective file size that can be loaded quickly? A page flooded with 2+ megabyte imagery will be plagued with slow load times and often penalized by search engines. Ensure you are compressing your images with a program such as TinyPNG that reduces file size while maintaining the quality.

Descriptive meta data (image names)

Google can't see what an image contains, however if you add a descriptive title and meta data they can show up properly in searches. Click edit on your photo and in the "Filename" box enter your description.

Are your images low quality and pixelated? Or do they exude professionalism with great load times?


3. Not Filling out the SEO Section 

SEO is an ongoing process, but at a minimum sites should have their SEO section completed with a description of services and detailed title. Go to "settings" > "SEO" and begin filling out the data.


The search engine description will display below your site title and should include services provided, market location, and what makes you or your business unique.

Page title format

Your page title format should be simple, clear and concise. Each individual page a user visits will default with "Pagename" - "Sitename" if you utilize %p - %s in the field. It is critical that your page names are descriptive and represent that information being conveyed.

Avoid these common mistakes:

  • www.sitename.com/page-2 (default page names or duplicate pages that have a number added at the end)
  • www.sitename.com/ourservicesoffered (ensure you utilize hyphens between words)

Homepage title format

We often find customers have this defaulted simply to their site name. If your site title is simply your name, an obscure word, or is not descriptive of your services you aren't telling search engines what is included. Adjust these section with keywords that you would like to target for your business.

Collection item title

Similar to how the page title format works, the collection item title controls how blog posts and products are displayed. By utilizing %i - %s you will ensure that the title is displayed followed by your sitename.


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Ensure your SEO settings are filled out completely.