The Most Important Web Design Trend to Adopt in 2016


2016 is upon us and we continue to see trends in web design expanding rapidly. However, there is one trend that is outpacing all of the others and the time to embrace it is now. 


Many have already said goodbye to their clunky multi-page sites, but if you haven't I highly recommend you consider the following:

Mobile Traffic
Web traffic via mobile devices and tablets has increased each year and many believe it will top 50% of all visitors in 2016.  Multi-page websites simply aren't user friendly nor do they provide a positive experience when browsing on a phone or similar small screen. Mobile user are now extremely accustomed to vertically scrolling whether it be through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Introducing it through your website will be like riding a bike.

Tell a Story
The one page scroll provides users with a clean and simple experience that doesn't sacrifice beauty or effectiveness. In fact, it's great for story telling and can easily be broken up into sections and indexed with links that bookmark to various locations on the page.

Contact me with any questions or inquiries regarding a one-page design.