Using White Space in your Squarespace Designs

Intelligent use of whites pace is crucial in design. Have you ever visited a website that feels cluttered and compact? The content becomes very difficult to digest as your eyes dart around the screen. Where do you start? What headline do you read first? The messy layouts have a direct and negative effect on your conversions, bounce rates, and sales. By utilizing white space you can present your content in an effective matter that your visitor will enjoy.


Micro white space

White space is often viewed as spacing between images and your main content. However, we should begin with discussing micro white space. Micro white space is the distance between paragraph lines and left/right margins. Studies have shown proper spacing between these elements can increase reading comprehension by up to 20%.



Macro white space

Using proper spacing between layouts and elements throughout your page helps draw attention to key headlines and guide a user. Focus on your overall goal of the site and how each element helps achieve that goal. White space can help make each section clear and bring attention to your call to actions.



Is white space wasted space?

It’s your responsibility as a designer to convey the importance of white space. Business owners will often see white space as wasted space where they could display more content. This is especially true in the print world where design costs are greatly impacted by additional pages. It’s crucial to properly educate and balance an additional upfront costs with much greater benefit down the road. Focus on the long term benefits and conversions related to the proper use of white space. It’s not wasted in the least.

Using White Space.png