5 Reasons Why I Chose Squarespace Over WordPress


WordPress is often used by designers and has dominated the market for years, but it certainly isn't the best or only choice for quality websites. Squarespace has proved to be a huge contender and in my eyes is far superior.  Here's why it has become our design platform of choice:



All Inclusive

Squarespace is all inclusive meaning the flat monthly or annual rate includes everything needed to run your website successfully. The templates, hosting, e-commerce, stripe integration, email and more are conveniently located within the platform. It completely eliminates the difficult linking of multiple entities.



User Friendly

The overall time involved to build sites on Squarespace is greatly reduced because of its user friendly interface. It's one of the aspects my clients like most about their designs because they can easily learn how to make adjustments and maintain it. However, it doesn't sacrifice function at the cost of convenience. The platform is full of basic AND advanced functions with the ability to add custom CSS and inject code as needed.



Security and Reliability

Open source vs closed source. WordPress is an open source platform that anyone with the skills (or lack of) can build content, templates, and plugins for. This comes at the expense of security and reliability. The presumably innocent image rotator plugin you just downloaded may be exposed to malware or cause your site to malfunction. In fact, one of the most frequent requests I see on a popular freelance site are clients requesting help to fix these issues related to WordPress.



Modern Designs

The Squarespace motto is "build it beautiful" which it lives up to.  They provide over 20 templates that were meticulously crafted to be further enhanced or completely revised to create a modern, professional, and beautiful design.




All Squarespace designs are responsive and optimized for multiple devices and browsers. This is crucial in today's market where nearly 50% of visitors are using a smart phone or tablet to view your website.


The above items were the key to my decision making of what platform to use.  What was your deciding factor? Share in the comments below.