Why Squarespace is Trusted by Nationally Recognized Brands


You may be asking yourself if Squarespace is the right solution for your website. Does it provide the functionality, reliability, and special features that you'll need? Fortunately we're here to let you know that no company is too big or too small to benefit from this powerful platform.  In fact, it's trusted by nationally recognized brands.


Why do these companies trust Squarespace with their web design and hosting options?


Squarespace is a closed source platform designed by professionals. Features are only released after meticulous testing and quality assurance, so problems that plague Wordpress such as broken plug-ins are not an issue. They also boast a near perfect server uptime and issues are handled quickly and professionally. On August 29th we witnessed first hand how efficient they are and kept everyone up to date by the minute.


All Inclusive

Your website, hosting, email, analytics, e-commerce, domain registering, cover-pages, blogging, and more all take place under one roof.  There's no need to sign-up for multiple platforms.


Beautiful Responsive Designs

Squarespace takes advantage of high resolution imagery, contains great layouts, and the ability to create custom coding to allow a multitude of options. Best of all, they automatically respond to mobile platforms so your site looks great on phones and tablets.


Award Winning 24/7 Customer Service

Each time we've dealt with the Squarespace customer service team we've left feeling valued and that we've spoken to a professional. Customer care is never outsourced and response times are exceptional.


is it right for you?

The odds are good that Squarespace is right solution especially when dealing with a professional designer. Reach out to us at contact@ekspohz.com with any questions or inquiries.