Your Cluttered Website is Hurting your Business


Website owners are notorious for continuing to add content to their sites and gaining no additional value.  In fact, it's downright hurting your business by not properly conveying your material in a clear and concise manner.  This article will help you achieve the following:

  • Keep visitors engaged

  • Improve conversions

  • Increase revenue

60 Seconds

It's all the time you have to capture your visitor's attention. In web design, less is more and showing your company's mission, product, or story efficiently is key.  Think of your homepage as your elevator pitch. You'll use bold imagery and a few key tag lines to get your point across.  Peak a visitor's interest initially and you can entice them to dig deeper into your site.


Don't Make These Mistakes

Gold's Gym featured below is the perfect example of a website stuck in the early 2000s. The use of white space is non-existent, there are multiple headings that cause your eye to bounce around the page, and zero visual appeal. It's cluttered and ineffective. We could go on, but I'm sure you see the glaring issues.


Effective Web Design

Uber nails it with their simple layout and effective call to action. Bold imagery immediately captures your attention and their goal for you to "DRIVE WITH UBER" is clear.  They then simply and successfully show why driving with them is appealing.  It's your vehicle, your hours, and the next step is yours.  Just sign up!  If their visitor is interested they can click to continue or investigate further with the easily noticeable menu in the top left.


Say More, With Less

The first step to cleaning up your website is to eliminate filler words and evaluate how to convey your message with less.

"You're going to love our baked goods that use the finest ingredients.  We wake up at 5am daily to ensure our pastries are fresh, warm, and ready for your arrival.
Savory, fresh, organic baked goods prepared daily.  


Key information and data quickly explains the company appeal.

Key information and data quickly explains the company appeal.


Make The Change

If you find yourself with an out-dated website, cluttered layout, or in need of a new design email us at for a free evaluation and consultation.