Protector Stream Package

Protector Stream Package


Enhance your online image with our Protector Stream Package. All text is completely customizable to your liking which we take care of during the design process. Files are delivered to you for plug and play which means no requirement for Photoshop. We are showing a Bear logo as an example, but you can choose no logo or we can add in an existing logo that you possess. Once order is received and a brief call takes place, the final product will be delivered within 48 hours.

Compatible with:

✔️ Streamlabs


✔️ OBS Studio

Package Contains:

✔️ 4 Customizable Screens

✔️ 5 Customizable Panels

✔️ 5 Customizable Alerts

✔️ 1 Twitch Banner

✔️ 4x3 Webcam Overlay

✔️ 16x9 Webcam Overlay

✔️ 1 Twitch Icon

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